Before you come to the Lifenet Gathering, we invite you to visit the place of your heart, to explore her specific qualities and take them in. Please bring a gift/symbol of this place to the Gathering. During the Gathering we will weave together the various qualities of the people, the places of their hearts and Lake Constance. The whole Gathering is dedicated to the collecting and weaving together these qualities on many different levels and forms. With our gifts, we nourish the lake and strengthen her connection to the cosmos. In exchange, you will take home the new qualities that arise from these connections and water from Lake Constance – as a gift for yourself and for the place of your heart.


Wednesday, 20th June, 2018: Arrival 12:30-13:30, Start of the Gathering 14:00, check in between 16:00 – 18:00
Thursday: Journey by train/car to Constance, at 10:15 we’ll go by boat to the middle of the lake
Friday: Deepening of our experiences, workshops, music and dance in the evening
Saturday: 23rd June: Closure/farewell by noon.
Feel free to arrive earlier individually or stay some additional days at Lake Constance. The very interesting Rhine Falls are also close. Please book your accommodation yourself early.

There will also be the opportunity to just participate in the Lake Constance ritual /boat trip at the summer solstice on June 21st.

Program, costs and registration directly here:

Boat departure: at 10.15 h from Constance seaport, boat bridge 8, with the «Starfish» (please be around at 10 o’clock).
Duration: ca. 4 1⁄2 h to the middle of the lake and back to Constance.
Catering: the boat has a café where you can buy drinks but no food. We offer this separately from
Costs: 45 € per person/ 50 € per person including lunch. Bank transfer to Kreissparkasse Ravensburg,
Depositor: Peter Dickhöfer, D-88271 Wilhelmsdorf, Ref.: Intern. Lifenet Gathering 2018 IBAN: DE29 6505 0110 0112 1724 93
Arrival: you can reach Constance seaport by train (stop «Constance») followed by a 5 min footpath walk. If you
arrive by car: Pls take car park «Marktstätte», Dammweg 3 close to Constance harbour/train station.
Registration: until June 10st, 2018 directly to, Ref. «Boat trip Lake Constance», Lunch: yes or no

If you are not able to attend the gathering from June 20th to 23rd and the Lake Constance ritual physically, there is one more possibility for how you can be a part of it:

Connect from your place with Lake Constance and the Lifenet Gathering at Summer Solstice on Thursday, June 21st at 12:07h

For this consciously, meditative connection – in this process – a water place seems us the most effective. Which place close to you invites you, – lake, spring, creek, waterfall, ocean? Maybe you want to visit this place on your own or you invite other people and you connect as a group. We would love to know from which place you connect with Lake Constance and the Lifenet. Please send an email with the name of the place and the water as well as the region/country to In return we inform you about the places of all the other interconnected people.

Exchange about the experiences. You are invited to share your experiences in the days after the summer solstice via email. If you want to participate in this exchange of experiences please send an email to

Your contribution

Your most important contribution is your BEING and bringing along the qualities of the place of your heart. Further contributions are welcome. Do you have a special gift that you want to share? Maybe a meditation, a singing workshop, dance music for Friday evening (we are urgently looking for that!), your skill in translating between German and English (also urgently needed), your organising ability …? We look forward to your email to Urs Hunziker, Elsa Fuchs, Peter Dickhoefer,


English and German, with translation to and from.


Our base during the Gathering will be “Naturfreundehaus Bodensee” in Radolfzell (D). We will have our rooms, seminar rooms and meals there. It is situated in Untersee/Lake Constance. Address: Naturfreundehaus Bodensee, Radolfzeller Strasse 1, D-78315 Radolfzell, Tel +49 7732 823 770,, Mail:

Please book your accommodation direct with Naturfreundehaus before 10th June, 2018, referring to «Lebensnetztreffen». We have already been allocated a certain number of rooms and after 30th March they will be assigned to someone else.

The following room categories are available:
Single room (limited)     EUR  75.– per night incl. Breakfast and Dinner (vegetarian)
Double room (limited)   EUR  60.– per night incl. Breakfast and Dinner (vegetarian)
Dormitory                          EUR  50.– per night incl. Breakfast and Dinner (vegetarian)
(plus tourist tax € 2.–/day)

If you prefer to sleep in a tent or a camper van, there is the Campsite Markelfingen – nearby and recommendable. Peter Dickhöfer, offers his plot of land for free camping; but it is about 40 minutes to drive to the Naturfreundehaus.

Getting there

Naturfreundehaus is about 15 minutes walk from Markelfingen railway station. You can also take the bus from Radolfzell railway station (bus stop «Naturfreundehaus»).
You’ll find train connections to Markelfingen or Radolfzell at and The closest international airport is Zurich Airport, alternatively Basel Euroairport or Stuttgart Airport.


The Lifenet Gathering costs 100 €. This fee includes costs for the seminar room, transport costs, the ticket for the boat trip and organisation fees.

Registration and Payment

Please send us the completed registration form before June 10st, 2018 at the latest (it is going directly to Your registration is binding on transfer of the organisation fee of 100 € (plus bank transfer costs) to the account: Kreissparkasse Ravensburg, IBAN: DE29 6505 0110 0112 1724 93, SWIFT: SOLADES1RVB, Note: Int. Lebensnetztreffen 2018, Account owner: Peter Dickhoefer

Solidarity fund

Feel free to donate to the solidarity fund to enable people with low or no income to participate in the Gathering. If you need financial support yourself, please contact the organisation team.


We kindly ask for your understanding that in case of cancellation there will be no refund of the Gathering fee. For cancelling of your accommodation, the terms of cancellation of the accommodation are valid.

To bring with you

Please bring a gift from the place of your heart and a small vessel for the water from Lake Constance to take home – along with the joy and curiosity to explore something new within you, within your fellows, nature and all her beings. We will spend most of the time outdoors. There is a small beach close to Naturfreundehaus. The temperatures normally are between 15-30°C during daytime (water 20-22°C). At night, the temperature may drop to 10°C. Both sunshine and rain are possible. Please bring appropriate clothing (weatherproof for the boat trip) and swimming suits.

Further information

Elsa Fuchs (Tel. 0041 (0)71 570 33 58 / 0041 (0)79 827 37 70),
Peter Dickhöfer or Urs Hunziker